"Side Winder is a French Heavy Metal Band.
Strong Guitars, Powerfull Vocals, Double Bass Drum, Follow the snake and

The birth of the band occurs in 1991.  

The band quickly starts (1992) a tour in SOUTH France with a Hard Rock 25 songs playlist. The tour makes the band meeting a lot of people, and so having fun, but the poor logistic makes the band stops its first era.

Nearly Y2K, The Band grows again form ashes this time with a more Heavy Metal Style.


It leads to a first EP called "Chapter One" and then, to the Fist opus of The Band “Mother Earth” in 2005. The CD was distributed all over the world by several Metal Labels (Brennus Records, Hellion Records, Kartago Records, Else's Metal Mail Order, Hell Bent for Records, Cd Baby, Tower Records).
For more, a lot of chronicles appear on the web, but also in fanzines and in Major Metal Magazines (Thunder God, Heavy oder Was). The major feeling around this album is that it's full of very good songs (average rate is 4/5), smelling the Heavy Metal from the 80's (artwork ,grat part, vocals) with some progress to made for all further recordings of the band (due to the poor financial means of the band at this time).


In the same time, Side Winder plays a lot of shows to promote this album & get some great responds on stage!


In 2007, here is the first major event for the band, Side Winder played with UDO and PRIMAL FEAR in Bordeaux, then, the bands keeps linked and Side Winder played again separately with U.D.O.,(Pau), Brainstrom (Bordeaux), and Primal Fear (Bordeaux) in France between 2009 & 2012


During 2012, The Bands Played a 5 shows tour in France with Blasphème.

In 2014, Side Winder steps another floor joining “Uli Jon Roth” European Tour for 12 days in France & Spain.

From 2015 to 2020, Side Winder played more than 30 shows over France & Spain.

The set-list is now based on songs out of our 2nd Album, this album is over (recorded & mixed) and the band has already composed enough songs to build a 3rd One.


The Next Step for the snake is now to bite a real serious Label !