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Origin:  Bordeaux, Fr


Birth: 07/27/1976


Weapons:  Lead Vocals,  Guitar, Bass Guitar


Years Active:  1996 - Present



Short Bio


Fred started playing electric guitar at 14. He started singing in 2000, then, in 2009, he Learned Bass Guitar, and finally Drums in 2011.


He played guitar in several local bands called KARKARODON KAKARIAS, VEHEMENCE,  and SIDE WINDER.
In 2000, He Changes to Lead Vocals in SIDE WINDER. In a mean time, he starded a 5 years collaboration with OBJECTION. He also played with 7TH SONS (Iron Maiden Cover Band).


Fred Took the Bass Guitar for the band in 2013, then Guitars in 2019 ,


So, He is now the LEMMY of the Band.


For now, Fred Wrote most of the songs that has been written since 2000 and all the Lyrics. Most its writtings began with a Guitar Riff, then agreemented with electronic Drums.


He's also passionated with history of civilazations, you may find some clear or hidden references in a lot of Lyrics of the band.


Gears :

   - Jackson Flyng V Guitar

   - Ibanez RG series Guitar
   - Ibanez Prestige serie Guitar

   - Ibanez Prestige SDGR Bass Guitar

   - Ibanez BTB Bass Guitar

   - Irish bouzouki

   - Marshall JCM 900 + Valvestate Head

   - TC-Helicon VoiceLive 3 Extreme

   - WARWICK 300W Head + HARTKE 500W

   - Build-In Heavy Metal Voice

   - SUPERLUX WH5 Microphone

   - Personnalised Micro-Stand with a build in Bier Botlles Catcher

What about METAL ?


Favorite Bands:  
Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Gamma Ray, Helloween, Manowar, DIO, Accept, Angra & Andre Matos, Metallica, Hammerfall, Finntroll, Iron Savior, NightWish, Symphony X, Rammstein, W.A.S.P.S., Saxon ...


Top 6 Lives :  

 1- Iron Maiden (Bercy, 07/02/2008)

 2- Iron Maiden (Bercy, 07/06/2018)

 2- Iron Maiden (Bercy, 09/09/1999)

 3- Judas Priest (San Sebastian, 05/20/2012)

 4- Manowar (Marcel Cerdant, 18/11/2002)

 5- Helloween/Gamma Ray, (Olympia 08/04/2013)


Top 5 Festivals

 1- Melaway 2005

 2- Rock Fest BCN 2015

 3- Kobeta Sonik 2008

 4- HellFest 2009

 5- Artefacts 2000


Top 5  Singers:                       

 1 - Bruce Dickinson             

 2- Rob Halford               

 3- Ronnie James Dio             

 4- Eric Adams                      

 5- Jorn Lande


Top 5 Bass Players:

 1- Steve Harris

 2- Joe Demaio

 3- Markus Grosskopf

 4- Nibbs Carter

 5- Luis Maruitti

Thib DePont



Origin:  Bordeaux, Fr


Birth: 22/07/1983


Weapons:  Lead Guitar


Years Active:  2000 - Present



Short Bio

Thib started playing classic guitar when he was 6 and he has quickely searched to play electric guitar. Influenced first by metalica he opened minds and look for heavy metal bands like iron maiden, judas priest and accept. Iron maiden becomes his favorite band due to their songs and their unbelievable shows.


He entered the band in 2002 first as Rythm guitarist, and became quickly another lead guitarist.


Thib is  really a passionated heavy metal fan, he give the band many differents ideas out of a really large panel of  influences.



- Ibanez RG series

- Jackson US Adrian Smith signature

- Marshall JCM900

- Boss distortion



What about METAL ?


Favorite Bands:  
Iron maiden, Metalica, Judas Priest, Megadeath, Angra, Helloween, Gammaray, Edguy, Accept, Children of bodom, and so many others... 


Top 5 Lives:  

 1- Iron maiden (Rock in Rio),

 2- AC/DC (stade de france black ice tour),

 3- Judas Priest (Zaragosse),

 4- Gamma ray (Elysée Montmartre Paris),

 5- Iron maiden (Dance of Death tour, Bercy Paris).


Top 5 Festivals

 1- Hellfest, (Clisson, France)

 2- Kobeta Sonic (Bilbao, Spain)

 3- Metalway (Gernika, Spain)

 4- We will see !!!!

 5- We will see !!!!


Top 5  Guitarists                       

 1 -Adrian Smith

 2- Chris Broderick             

 3- Kiko Loureiro            

 4- Yngwie malmsteen,

 5- Richie Faulkner.





Origin:  St Jean de Luz, Fr


Birth: 03/12/1977


Weapons:  Lead Guitar


Years Active:  2006 - Present



Short Bio

Guillaume started playing guitar when he was 14. His first influence that lead him to guitar was Brian May and Queen. At the same time, bands like Metallica, Manowar and helloween influenced him and showed his the way to Heavy Metal.


Guillaume Joined Side Winder in 2005.


One important notice is that he's the only Male snake shamers with long hairs


He also has been influencing a lot of new songs of the band till 2005.


Gear :

   - Ibanez Jem555

   - ESP SV1

   - Tagima Kiko Loureiro K1

   - ENGL E650 amp head

   - Rivera 4x12

   - ... And some other classic guitars...


Guillaume is also passionated by video games like COD, minecraft and Game of War, photography, nature.

What about METAL ?


Favorite Bands:  
Iron Maiden, At Vance, Angra, Edguy, Stratovarius, Helloween, Manowar, HammerFall, Kansas, Dire Straits, Queen, SKA-P (yes i'm a big fan !!!!!!), Dragonforce, GammaRay, Mickael Kiske, Oliver Hartman, Metallica, And so more...


Top 5 Lives:  

 1 - Iron Maiden, Live at Donington

 2 - Dire Straits, Alchemy live

 3 - Brian May band, Live at the Brixton academy

 4 - Kansas, Live at the Whiskey

 5 - Phil Collins, The finaly farwell...


Top 5 Festivals

 1 - Hellfest

 2 - Hellfest

 3 - Hellfest

 4 - Hellfest

 5 - Hellfest


Top 5  Guitarits                       

 1 - Kiko Loureiro

 2 - Brian May         

 3 - Yani Liimatainen           

 4 - Mathias Kupiainen

 5 - Guthrie Govan






Origin : Dourdan

Birth : 10/29/1973

Weapons : Drums / backing vocals

Years active : 2018 - present


Short Bio

At the age of 17, Chris First started as a singer in a band called MILICIA (then SKELETON CREW)

Quickly, while trying drums with MILICIA drummer, he became addicted, stop singing and leave MILICIA to form in 1991 a new band called HYPNOSIS, the story lasted 2 years. He jumped next to another 3 years project called LAZY SKUNK.

After 20 blanked years, he started a new adventure with forming a new band called BLACKSTORM.

Finally, in Mach 2018, he joined Side Winder, first for a 2 shows tempory remplacement.

It only takes 3 months for him to be definitely enslaved by the snaked, and in June 2018, he became our officially our brand new drummer!

Gear :


 - Double pedal Pearl Eliminator

 - Zildjian série K et Avedis Cymbals

 - Paiste Hit Hat

 - Roland TD 11KV Electronic Drum set

 - Roland Trigg

 - Shure PGA 48 Microphone

What about METAL ?


Favorite bands :
Metallica, Iron Maiden, Heavenly, Manigance, ADX, Panthera, Megadeth, The Doors, Slayer, Led Zep, Mötley Crüe, Helloween, Sepultura ....

Top 5 Lives

 - METALLICA  BERCY 21 Mai 1990

 - IRON MAIDEN Halle de la vilette Paris 5 Septembre 1992

 - SEPULTURA  ZENITH 22 Mars 1992

 - PANTERA  ZENITH 13 Octobre 1994

 - MEGADETH ZENITH 21 Avril 1995

TOP 5 Festivals

 - Vouziers 1993

 - Hellfest 2015

 - Hellfest 2016

 - Hellfest 2017

 - Hellfest 2018

Top 5 Drummers:     

 - Nick Menza

 - Nico Mc Brain

 - Vinnie Paul

 - John Bonham

 - Aquiles Priester






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