SNAKE INC (2019)
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Thunder God Magazine Brazil Review
"Mother Earth is their first full length self financed album. The band re-recorded for this album some of their early demo songs and added a few new tunes. The 11 songs on this album are screaming 80’s metal. The band doesn’t copy any current power metal bands but goes their own way with their melodic metal. If this CD was released in 1985 they could have become big. Unfortunately it is now 2005 and the market for this kind of metal is small but still existing. The CD opens strong with the trio “Side Winder”, “Carry On” & “Chapter One…”, powerful guitar riffs and keyboards that do not take away any of the heaviness of the music but add some cool atmospheres to the songs. The production of the album can also be called 80’s it is however transparent and gives every instrument the right place in the mix. Vocalist Frédéric Favre’s is a man with a pure metal voice. He is not the greatest talent in the world but what he does he does excellent. His voice is powerful and frequently goes up high on the tone stave and has of course a French accent but that only add to the charm of the album. Side Winder brings melodic metal with excellent guitar work and also the guitar solo’s are executed perfectly. “Mother Earth” is an album that especially older metal fans will appreciate as it is filled with excellent heavy – power metal brought with lots of enthusiasm. I really enjoy this album as it brings back great memories of the times I was still a young kid. Even their album cover is so 80’s :).
Rated 75/100"

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